Monday, April 26, 2010

Flames Burn Hole in the Heart of Worthington Crew Jr. Gladiators

There are teams with simple, solid names like the "Grandview Flames."

And then  there are teams with more complex, elaborate names like, for example the "Ladies Auxiliary of Weston Road Tea Party Barristers" or the "Worthington Crew Jr. Chiefs" or, to cite yet another example, the "Worthington Crew Jr. Gladiators."

While there is no demonstrated empirical correlation between the unnecessary flourishes of a club's name and its success on the field, the simple grandeur of the Grandview Flames on Saturday once again demolished yet another North Columbus Club with an unfathomable name, as the Flames burned a hole in the heart of Worthington with a 7-1 away win over the Worthington Crew Jr. Gladiators.

Now, truth be told this correspondent was not physically present for said shellacking. But, based on numerous sources within the GF Fan Club, here is what transpired:

A perhaps over-confident Flames squad sashayed onto the wet home turf of the Worthington Crew Jr. Gladiators and gave up the early lead 1-0.

Another 15 minutes went by with chances on both sides before the Flames finally locked and loaded, with a left-footed goal from Ben K on the assist from Manny the Magician.

After that it was all Flames, as the Worthington Crew Jr.Gladiators collapsed like an elaborately constructed parlor trick.

First came the own goal on the cross from Derek. Then Derek scored on his own with no assist from the Gladiators. This was followed by a goal from the wily Iron Curtain, Ben D to close the half.

In the fourth minute of the second half, Manny stepped up for the PK, and a brilliant save by the Worthington Crew Jr. Gladiators keeper went for naught as Derek drilled the rebound to make it 5-1.

Ben D then netted his second, followed by the finale, a nice finish on the corner by Jake (his first of the year) with Indigo on the assist to end it at 7-1.

Manager James Gerdes summed up the performance this way: "I think it was the best they have played all season, especially in the difficult, wet conditions."

The Flames will look to continue their unbeaten streak and their extended road stand with a Sunday contest versus the Dublin United Force at Darree Field No. 16 at 1:50 p.m.

"Flame on," brothers and sisters. Flame on.

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  1. Hey all, fyi this Sunday's game kicks off at 1:50pm - not 2:05pm. Cheers! JG